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The full range of Phyto Soya Products from Arkopharma with free postage and packaging at our online storePhyto Soya is a soya extract rich in isoflavones specially formulated for women during and after the menopause.

Fluctuating oestrogen levels and oestrogen loss can affect the way a woman feels and looks. The menopause can create hot flushes, mood changes, rapid skin aging, vaginal and urinary problems, a decrease in bone density and an increase in cardiovascular risk.

In Japan the term "hot flushes" does not exist. It is believed that this is due to the large quantity of soya consumed in their diet. They experience fewer menopausal symptoms than western women.

The soya plant is rich in isoflavones. These natural phyto-oestrogens are vegetable substances similar to female hormones.

This product comes in two strengths; 17.5mg per day, which may help women experiencing on average 8 hot flushes per day and 35mg per day which may help women experiencing on average 10 hot flushes per day.

Phyto-Soya Double Potency is designed for women experiencing 8 or more hot flushes in 24 hours. This particular formula ca have added Omega 3 (essential fatty acids). These are essential nutrients that the human body can't produce itself. The only way humans can get these nutrients is through diet.

Omega 3 contributes to the healthy functioning of cell membranes, and is also critical for the synthesis of eicosanoids, a family of hormone like substances that help in cell maintenance on a minute to minute basis. This provides a beneficial effect on the mood, cardiovascular and cogntive function. Omega 3 supplementation as well as Soya isoflavones is excellent for the needs of the menopausal women.

A 4 months clinical trial was carried out on 75 menopausal women using Phyto Soya and more than 60% experienced a 50% reduction in their hot flushes.

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Phyto Soya Vaginal Gel. Only £14.95

Phyto Soya Vaginal Gel from Arkopharma only £11.20 including Free P&PThis hydrating and lubricating vaginal gel is specially developed for menopausal women.

It is a concentrated extract containing 10% isoflavones and has an original molecular structure that permits hydration and protection of the vaginal mucous membrane.

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